Pro/Con pCloud corrupted data

pCloud review after one year of using, any many data corruptions. Why I would not recommend you to store data on pCloud…

pCloud is the only attractive cloud service offering you to pay once for all, instead every month. It is less wellknown that its competitors like Google, Apple, DropBox, etc… but does it offer the same level of service ?

pCloud disynchronisation

As soon as you acess you data through different interfaces (let’s say iOS app, MacOS Fuse and Linux), the problems are starting… You ‘ll start to notice desynchronisation between what you can see on the different interfaces, and it becomes quickly pretty hard to say which folders are the good one.

If you add WebDav access on top of it, pCloud is totally confused, and it may happen that you totally lose your access rights on some files. You are then in the impossibility to delete the file, rename the file, move the file… Even the pCloud team can not do anything about it.

pCloud support

pCloud support is answering you email, but in total incapacity of helping you since the support team has no admin access or deep knowledge of it.

Would I recommend pCloud ?

After 1 year of using pCloud, I can say I never ever encountered such problems on Google Drive, Box or Mega… So, I admit the offer (pay 2To once, for your all life) is a really good deal and is tempting, the fact that some data may become corrupted is a real issue. Indeed, if the file system if not reliable, and if you can not recover your data when you need it, you stat to have a real problem.

So I would not recommend to back up or store data you need on pCloud. A good old hard drive is definitely cheaper and more reliable.

If you need to synchronize a short quantity to data, prefer an end-to-end solution like Mega (15 Mo free), of if you are not too concerned about security go for Google Drive (15 Mo free) and Box (10 Mo).

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